Vision, mission, and objectives


IER provides a source of manpower and high quality products of scientific research in international economic field, contributing to the socio-economic development of Vietnam.


Up till 2020, IER will become one of leading centers of training, research, consultancy and reference in Vietnam and regional.

To achieve the mission and vision of IER and UEL, IER builds goals up till 2020 as follows:
·      To develop group of lectures of high professional qualifications and scientific research;
·      To set up the advanced program which catches up with the regional and international level;
·      To renew teaching and research methods consistent with trend of education in the new era;
·      To create the best learning environment of students and researchers;
·      To promote international cooperation in teaching and scientific research.
Currently, the Faculty has two departments which are Department of International Economic Relations and Department of International Business. Personnel who participate in teaching and research activities at IER including: 
· Full – time academic staff: 20 lecturers (5 Doctors, 5 PhD. Candidates and 10 Masters). Most lecturers have           practical experience in the academic major 
· 01 supporting staff: (01 Master)
· Part – time academic staff: 5 lecturers (2 Associate Professors, 3 Doctors)  
· Invited lecturers: Prestigious lecturers, collaborators including associate professors, doctors, economic experts from leading education and research centers in Vietnam. In addition, some business people are also engaged in teaching and scientific research activities at the Faculty.