Internal Quality Assurance System

IQAS at Faculty of International Economic Relations

The system for quality assurance at Faculty is a means to improve the results of our activities. Quality is assured by making sure our activities are goal-oriented (managed by objectives), by evaluating our results and by quality checks. The Faculty will try to create the environment in which the students, lectures and associates could realize their professional interests and advance their knowledge and every effort in the direction of quality provision.

Figure: Principles of IQAS at FIER

Policy of IQAS at FIER is based on the following principles:

  • It satisfies the quality assurance requirements of the University and any external quality assurance agency which the University must satisfy;
  • Quality assurance system has a student focus;
  • The system itself is kept under review;
  • It is supportive and assist students and staff;
  • It is ‘open’ and well documented, with information easily available to staff, who can participate fully and receive extensive feedback;
  • It is based on the principle that each member of staff is responsible for his work.

Because our resources are limited in comparison to all of our wants and needs, we have to make decisions regarding what we want to prioritize assessment. From our IQAS, quality assurance activities including:

(1) Teaching and learning process

  • Courses and programmes
  • Structure and content
  • Aims and objectives
  • Up – to- dateness
  • Learning materials
  • Gained skills and competencies
  • Quality of performance

(2) Staff

  • Staff development
  • Staff initiatives

(3) Student counseling, support services

The IQAS is now tightly incorporated in all the activities of the Faculty, as an integral part of the institution’s strategic work in the reform process.


Figure: The relationship between the  Faculty's IQAS and activities