The English Eloquence Contest THE PIONEERS


Nowadays weather in Viet Nam is facing lots of changes, which causes not-a-slight influence.

The meteorologists said: “A super cyclone called "INTEGRATION" is coming. It brings many different cultures from around the world to Viet Nam, creates multidimensional wind. But the most powerful tornado is coming from Western languages. "ENGLISH has the global domination".

Facing with such phenomenon…

Have you prepared yourself?

Are you ready?!

Immediately take part in The English Eloquence Contest THE PIONEERS with the topic “Viet Nam in the relations of international economics” to discover yourself a leader welcoming such intense storm.

We, Faculty of International Economic Relations, are on our way looking for EVERYWHERE all over the WORLD the mysterious FACTORS who can lead people coming through that hurricane.

To become the LEADER, you have to pass four intense rounds:
Round 1: “Lay the foundation” (22/06 – 16/07/2015) – Online Test
Round 2: “Arrange your mind” (19/07 – 16/08/2015) – Clip making
Round 3: “Keep up your spirits” (03/10/2015) – Eloquence & Oral test
Final Round: “Make it real” (31/10/2015) - Eloquence & Oral test

In order to help clear up the competitors’ queries about “THE PIONEERS” and give you more information as well as some tips to perform better in the rounds, we hold the opening ceremony of “THE PIONEERS” at 1:30 PM June 6th 2015 with the attendance of professional lecturers and consultants.

As a STUDENT, do you have enough confidence, talent and bravery?

Show us the excellent ELOQUENCE potential by using your knowledge, intelligence, especially your English ability to PERSUADE us to choose you – the perfect candidate for this offensive

► Join the contest by: Team/group of 3 students

► For the detailed regulations, click here:

► Register:
Text: TT <space> TPS <space> DK
Send to: 8785
(This signal transmission line covers all over the country)
Deadline for registration: 04/05 - 20/06/2015

► Fee to participate: 30.000 VND/team

► To raise the morale, we will bring these extremely attractive rewards.
With the total of 200.000.000 VND:
1 first prize: 15.000.000 VND in cash + certificate + scholarships from the sponsors.
1 second prize: 10.000.000 VND in cash + certificate + scholarships from the sponsors.
2 third prizes: 3.000.000 VND/prize in cash + certificate + scholarships from the sponsors.
2 bonus prizes: 1.000.000 VND/prize in cash.
And many other amazing prizes for you to conquer…

For more details, please contact us:
[P]: 0164 660 6260 (Ms.Thu Huyen)
[F]: IER 360º , IBC-Channel , IER Express